About Us

Our Approach

Serenity Valley Ranch is family-owned by Paul & Theresa Rinaldi with their son, Peter.  Our commitment is to be good stewards of the land and water while providing locally raised, grass-fed beef, lamb and eggs delivered direct to your home.  We will only raise livestock or grow food in a manner that makes us happy, keeps the animals healthy, and makes the world a better, greener, and more peaceful place.

Our Story

Our journey began about 10 years ago, when our youngest child entered high school in Reno, NV.  Peter has Down Syndrome and we were searching for a future for him that would give him fulfilling and productive employment in his adult years.   Peter had started taking adaptive horseback riding lessons and we found that he had a love and natural ability with all animals.  At 14, he started working at a local horse ranch feeding and watering horses every morning before school.  He soon began to talk about becoming a rancher when he grew up.  When Paul retired, in an effort to support Peter’s interests, we moved to the Eugene, Oregon area.  Six years later, we have a working ranch where we endeavor to provide healthy food from healthy land for our community.

Our family motto has always been “To Make the World A Better Place”.



Peter has found a brilliant life for himself in Oregon. He competed on his high school equestrian team , was the Grand Marshall for a local rodeo, competed in 4-H fairs and in general loves to ride his horse to move our cows around the pastures. He is learning the ranching business from his dad and he makes it very clear, he is a rancher not a farmer!


Paul is a retired railroad engineer who has found his niche creating and maintaining our ranch. He is responsible for all maintenance and new building as well as keeping the animals and land healthy. His best life is creating a peaceful place where he can spend time sharing nature with his grandchildren.



Theresa is the one who keeps things going. She does most of the planning and organizing while taking care of the finances. She is happiest when able to create meals that use the products of the land as well as riding with the family.