Our Products


price per pound
Filet – Sold Out$20.00
New York Steak – Sold Out$14.00
Flat Iron Steak – Sold Out$12.00
Top Sirloin Steak – Sold Out$13.00
Sirloin Tip Steak$9.00
Eye of Round Steak$9.00
Round Steak$8.50
Flank Steak – Sold Out$8.00
Chuck Steak$8.00
Rib Roast$17.00
Cross Rib Roast$10.00
Eye of Round Roast$9.00
Skirt SteakSold Out$12.00
Rump Roast– Sold Out$8.00
Brisket – Sold Out$9.00
Chuck Roast – Sold Out$8.00
O Bone Roast – Sold Out$8.00
Stew Meat – Sold Out$7.50
Ground Beef$5.00
Short Ribs – Sold Out$6.50
Back Ribs – Sold Out$6.50
Osso Bucco$8.00
Oxtail – Sold Out$6.00
Liver (Sold Out), Tongue, Heart, Kidneys$6.00
Soup Bones – Sold Out$4.00

Quarters and Halves of a beef are available for $4.85 per pound of hanging weight – you are responsible for all slaughter and cut/wrap fees (approximately $1.05 per pound). We do this so that you can contact the butcher directly to get the cuts and wrap that you and you family. want. See September’s blog for a sample of cuts that are included in a half of a steer. (Approximately 310 pounds hanging weight in a half. Actual take home cut and wrap weight will be less.)


price per pound
Chops – Shoulder (Loin or Rib – SOLD OUT$13.00
Leg – bone in – SOLD OUT$9.00
Kebabs/Stew Meat – SOLD OUT$9.00
Shanks – SOLD OUT$7.00
Shoulder Steaks – SOLD OUT$11.00
Shoulder Roast – SOLD OUT$10.00
Ground Lamb – SOLD OUT$8.00
Ribs – SOLD OUT$6.00
Neck Bones – SOLD OUT$3.00
Liver , Kidneys, Offal – SOLD OUT$5.00

Halves and wholes of lamb are available for $5.00 per pound of hanging weight. Hanging weight is 40-52 pounds.


$5.00 per dozen.

All of our chickens are free range – running about the ranch or hanging out in the barn. Currently they can be found cleaning up the dropped fruit in the orchard. Sometimes, they can be seen standing on the back of one of the horses. Are they looking for a better view or just being friendly? No way to know but their egg shells are hard, their yolks are bright orangey/yellow, and their taste is phenomenal! They are definitely happy birds!

Fine Print:

We give a 5% discount for purchase of 10 pounds and a 10% discount for purchase of 25 pounds or more.

All of our meat is USDA inspected.