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Halves of a beef are available for $5.00 per pound of hanging weight – you are responsible for all processing fees (approximately $.95 per pound). We do this so that you can contact the butcher directly to get the cuts and wrap that you and you family want. See September’s blog for a sample of cuts that are included in a half of a steer. (Approximately 250-300 pounds hanging weight in a half. Actual take home weight will be approximately 60% of the hanging weight.)

price per pound
Rib Eye Steak$17.00
New York Steak$17.00
Flat Iron Steak$14.00
Top Sirloin Steak$9.00
Flank Steak $13.00
Skirt Steak$13.00
Sirloin Tip Steak$10.00
Eye of Round Steak$9.00
Round Steak$8.00
Chuck Steak$7.00
Rib Roast$22.00
Eye of Round Roast$10.00
Tri Tip$8.00
Rump Roast$8.00
Chuck Roast$8.00
Cross Rib Roast$9.00
Stew Meat– Sold Out$6.00
Ground Beef$6.00
Short Ribs$5.00
Back Ribs$6.00
Osso Bucco$9.00
Liver, Tongue, Heart, Kidneys$9.00
Soup Bones$4.00


Unfortunately, we have had to sell our flock. We miss them and hopefully will be able to resume raising lamb in the future.


$6.00 per dozen.

All of our chickens are free range – running about the ranch or hanging out in the barn. Currently they can be found cleaning up the vegetable garden before we get our plantings in this summer.

Fine Print:

We give a 5% discount for purchase of 10 pounds and a 10% discount for purchase of 25 pounds or more.

All of our meat is USDA inspected.