June Surprises

It’s been a good year on the ranch.  Spring, although dry, has been mild.  Those of us with hay fever are suffering, but no matter the sneezing, it is glorious outside.  Our hay was cut early this year due to the lack of rain in May, but it’s now in the barn and that’s always a good feeling.  The calves are enjoying the still green pastures and the garden is growing faster than we can harvest. 

 We were able to sell at the Veneta Farmers Market in May but Paul had back surgery June 1 and everything unnecessary is on hold.  The surgery went very well so we hope to be back at the market by mid September after a butcher date in late August.   

As a means toward simplifying and consolidating our lives,  we decided to sell the sheep flock this year.  We will greatly miss the newborn lambs and the wonderful flavor of the meat.   We are sorry to disappoint some of our consistent lamb buyers, but hopefully our lives will be a bit easier.

Our priorities remain the same – happy, pasture raised (grass fed & grass finished) cows.  who give us tasty and tender beef.  While Paul is off his feet, and until we can return to the market, we still have beef to sell.  Give us a call and we will make arrangements to get it to you.  We love getting to know our neighbors.

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